Side projects

I'm always building a new tool, prototype or template. These little side projects aren't perfect, but if something can help you in there, then I'm already happy.


My long term side project, the Swiss Innovation Academy

This is the long term big side project that I have: creating courses and resources to make innovation skills easy to learn and use.

Selected experiment from the past: Service Design Jobs

There wasn’t any job board focused only on Service Design, so I've decided to build one for a few weeks and see where that leads. Today this job board is managed by the lovely Marc Fonteijn.

More side projects and experiments


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Licence and shit

The content of this website is under a «I don’t give a fuck licence», which means you can do whatever you want with it.

This website is built with Notion and Super because I'm lazy. Oh, and I don't track anything, but Notion might.