People ask me questions, I try to record them in some way so that others can use benefit from these answer too.

โค๏ธ Service Design


What is service thinking?
What is the best way to briefly pitch the value of a service designer to a potential employer, unfamiliar with the practice of service design?
What considerations should be made when designing a new service for your customers?
Is there a common acronym for Service Design?


Which are the best service design and customer experience studios in the UK?
What are some stores where every last detail is designed for customers?
What are good examples of products that have become services?
Who are the key players in service design?
Who is doing great service design/service innovation in Europe?


Where can I learn service design online?
What are the best online courses in the field of service design?
What is the best school for service design?
Where can I get a lot of actionable free resources to begin a career in service design and customer experience design?
What are the best resources for service design tools?

Blueprint and journey maps

What am I missing out, if I don't have a service blueprint?
Can you always combine a customer journey map to a blueprint in order to encourage collaboration?
How do I manage the amount of detail on a blueprint?
How can I use feedback to make improvements to the blueprint?
What details do you include in your journey maps most frequently (on the vertical dimension)?
What are good apps for service design visualization of your company?
How can I avoid to overwhelm people with my Service Blueprint?
How can I create a story around my service blueprint?

โœ๏ธ Design

Swiss Job Market

I would also be super interested to know if companies are open to freelancer and how it works there
What is the state of innovation and design in Switzerland?


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