I've written a few tiny books on Service Design and Innovation in general. In those books I'm trying to make these innovation skills and mindsets accessible to tiny businesses.


Service Design Principles 101-200

100 more ideas to improve the user and customer experience in simple and practical ways.

This book gives you 100 ideas, tips and examples of simple and practical things you can implement today to make your customers say "I love you" instead of "fuck you!" when they interact with your product or service.

Service Design Principles 1-100

100 ideas to improve the user and customer experience in simple and practical ways.

The hypothesis of this handbook is that you don’t need to understand the full extent of Service Design to improve the user and customer experience. You don’t need to understand all the theory to create great services.

A starting point

This book is made for everyone who is part of the creation of a service. If you are a business owner, a manager or just someone working in the service industry this book is for you.



A tiny history of Service Design

Or how to make Service Design sound way more interesting and smarter during dinner parties.

I didn’t find any book on the history of Service Design, so I took a few days, researched the topic and wrote a tiny booklet which shares a timeline of events, people and publications that made what Service Design is today.

It's not for everyone

This book is for people interested in Service Design like students or Service Design practitioners. If you are totally new to this field, I’d suggest you avoid this book.

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