I have a very down to earth approach when it comes to Innovation or Service Design. I'm trying to make shit happen without killing budgets or feelings.

01 Big problems don't always need big solutions

Mini Service Design

In a world where everything becomes more complex simple hacks can still have a huge impact.I believe that not every problem needs to be solved with a big, costly and technological solution. Sometimes as simple behavioral or cultural hack pushes people towards change. Sometimes something as stupid as a checklist can make you save 2 million dollars and save lives.

A humble manifesto

A few years ago I’ve written a piece called the Mini Service Design Manifesto which was later selected and published in the Service Design Gazette.

02 Frustration is part of natural experiences

Service Rollercoaster

When it comes to experience we have a tendency to create as smooth experiences as possible. What this means is that we try to create emotionally flat services and products where there is no bad or good surprise.As optimist philosophers say, it’s the shadow part which enable the light to exist. Frustration and friction are therefore also key elements of the design of new products and services. Theses frustrations when designed in a smart journey can create an emotional rollercoaster in your service that keeps your users engaged.

Storytelling and Service Design

With my friend Romain Pittet we have written a piece that shows how stories and services need problems in order to stay interesting.

03 Humans are irrational, and that makes them interesting

Behavioral science

Humans are irrational animals which do not follow mathematic logic as behavioral economics and the last economic crises have shown. Instead of wanting to contrains humans into a logical path that doesn’t fit them we can create experiences that leverage the irrationality that makes us human to create even more human experiences.

Story time

We spend ages creating different options as we believe people love to choose. But did you know that most people just stick with the default option?

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