Hi, I'm Daniele Catalanotto. I'm a Service Designer and educator who tries to make innovation stuff less complicated for normal humans.

I use a down to earth language, which means I'll say fuck from times to times, because that's how buddies talk together πŸ––

There are two things I do quite well.



01 I help people find good enough solutions to their problems.

People come to me for custom workshops on the topics of Service Design and Innovation.

As I'm fully booked at the moment check out the


Teach innovation skills

02 I teach those skills so people don’t need me anymore.

I’m working as an Innovation Coach and Educator through my little side project called the Swiss Innovation Academy. There I teach things like user research, prototyping or ideation. And for those who are already working in that subject I’ve created tools and templates to help them do their innovation work quicker.

My latest book


This book gives you 100 ideas, tips and examples of simple and practical things you can implement today to make your customers say "I love you" instead of "fuck you!" when they interact with your product or service.


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Licence and shit

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