I’m currently working on a few different books on Service Design.

A tiny Service Design History

I didn’t find any books about the history of service design so I decided to create a tiny one by myself. I’m no historian so this is just more like a personal timeline of events that I think we should know as service designers.

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In progress

Other books I’m working on that will come out in the coming months

Service Design Principles 1-100

This book condenses 100 tiny principles that I collected through the years. These principles can be used in a service design practice. These principles are super simple to put in place and are targeted for people who don’t know shit about this weird practice that is Service Design.


Final Design Stage 
Launch in September

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What the fuck is Service Design?

This book is a collection of answers from Service Design practitioners from all arround the world who try to answer with their own words the question «What the fuck is service design?» 


Collecting answers
Launch in late October

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