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Hi there, I’m Daniele, a Swiss Service Designer and author.

What I do

Teaching and coaching

How can we get the skills to better understand our customers? How can we be more innovative within our company? I teach innovation skills and design thinking methodologies in companies across the world. I coach new innovation teams in their early stage.

Field and qualitative research

Why do people hate your company? What do your customer really want and need? I go in the field for clients to find answers to these deep questions.

Co-Creation and Facilitation

How can we design a new product or service in one week? How can we bring users and different departments together to create the solution to their problems? I facilitate workshops, designs sprints and co-creation sessions that bring smart people together to solve problems that matter.

Prototyping and Design

What are the specific features of this product or service? How can we create an experience that people will love? I help prototype and design digital products and services that are validated through experiments with real people.

New book

I just released my second book on Service Design.

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What people say

“The most important thing about Daniele is how he represents for me what I expect from a leader. His legitimacy comes first from his ability to work on the four levels of design, style and surface, form and function, systems and services, strategy and vision. But also, his humour and happiness always fill projects with his particular sense of care and attention. His ability to work at the intersection of cultural realities, technical contexts and the fuzzy reality of egos and personalities make him a real meta designer. Beside his taste for generous burgers, Daniele is a work machine, focused, driven and relentlessly delivering beyond expectations.



Industries I’ve worked for

I’m a Service Designer with over nine years of experience designing and testing services across industries and countries.

I have a passion for teaching and giving new skills to people around the world. I do this through my writing, courses and consultant projects. 


You can see my complete resume and stalk me in more details on Linkedin.

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