Hi there, I’m Daniele Catalanotto an Italo-Swiss Service Designer working in the UK.

What I do

«Helping others is the most beautiful hobby in the world. This is what I consider to be a Service Designer.»

Certain people consider my job as being a Service Designer, while others see it as being a Design Strategist or as being an Innovation Consultant. But more than the titles, what's important to me is the field of interest that defines my work, which is the intersection of: service innovation or service design; social design or social interaction and technology or tools. I believe that helping others is the core of what I do. That's why you'll find me sharing my knowledge through articles, lectures and workshops or sharing tools to empower the creative community. 

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Let’s work together

From September I’ll be working as a Senior Innovation Consultant at Good Innovation an innovation consultancy supporting organisations that do good to solve problems that matter in the United Kingdom.

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