Daniele Catalanotto

Hi there,
I’m Daniele a Swiss
Service Designer

What I do in simple words

I help companies understand why people hate them so much.

Certain people consider my job as being a Service Designer, while others see it as being a Design Strategist. But more than the titles, what's important to me is the field of interest that defines my work, which is the intersection of: service innovation or service design; social design or social interaction; technology or tools; and Swiss design or strategic design. I believe that helping others is the core of what I do. That's why you'll find me sharing my knowledge through articles, lectures and workshops or sharing tools to empower the creative community. Today I have the chance to lead the creative and service design direction in the Bern office of the Enigma Agency.

Upcoming book

Service Design
Principles 1-100

In the beginning of 2018 I will release my first book called "Service Design Principles 1 to 100". This book aims to simplify and explain Service Design to the small business owners by taking a practical approach.

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I wrote +150 articles about the power of Service Design

I write mainly to keep a trace of what I read and think. In the last years I published more than 150 articles on Service Design. I write as I speak, I go straight to the point and I'm not afraid to curse when it's necessary.

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I'm slow to answer and hate emails, but still I'd love to hear from you.